Summertime in Moreton

Hello, I hope you have had a lovely few months. We have been busy at The Manor preparing the house for summer and all the lovely  guests that will be enjoying the house. The tennis court has been swept and the garden is looking lovely.

The spring and summer months are a pleasure to enjoy in Moreton and we have been making the most of how green and beautiful it looks.

Moreton woods Beautiful tree's










The village of Moreton love getting together for various different events, recently we had a ‘French Night’ at our village hall… it was a night of yummy cheese and plenty of Boules!

French NightFrench night










We have also recently held a concert in The Walled Garden, in Moreton. This is a new venue for weddings, concerts and other events based in the center of the village. Our next event is a day of Folk music Saturday 30th August from 12pm.